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Tapestry Walk (Land at Highgrove Farm, Bosham)

Following a grant of planning permission in 2018 for 50 new homes, Chichester District Council proposed within the latest draft of their Local Plan to allocate a wider area of land for 300 homes. In response to the revised allocation Barratt David Wilson evolved new plans which will deliver a sustainable extension to Bosham, complete with landscaping, recreational space and community facilities. These have been submitted to Chichester District Council and are available under reference number 21-00571-FUL.

Barratt David Wilson Homes are appealing planning application 21/00571/FUL under the grounds of non-determination following the date for determination lapsing on 15th February 2023.  The Appeal documents differ from those submitted under application 21/00571/FUL but are submitted under the "Wheatcroft" principle.  The proposed changes namely relate to minor amendments to the house types proposed. The updated plans can be viewed here.

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